The land of ponds

15 to 35 minutes by car from Romécourt

Within the territory, the west is occupied by the land of ponds. It includes 400, making it the largest concentration of large surface ponds in France. These natural or artificial ponds were created in the Middle Ages mainly for fish farming. The sites are particularly popular for observing migratory birds and storks.

The pond of Stock 15 minutes by car from Romécourt.

Ideal for nautical activities, you can rent sail or motor boats, but also paddels, water skiing and wake boarding. Swimming is very pleasant there. You can also practice fishing.

Water sports on the Stock Pond

The pond of Gondrexange 20 minutes by car from Romécourt.

The pond of Gondrexange is known for its beach. It is possible to swim there in summer. Many are possible. The lake is crossed by the Marne-Rhine canal.

Walk around Gondrexange

The pond of Lindre 25 minutes by car from Romécourt.

This lake is part of the natura 2000 network (sites of great heritage value, due to the exceptional flora and fauna they contain) and it is also a Ramsar site (designation of a “wetland of international importance”). You can also visit the charming Gallo-Roman village of Tarquinpol or take the GR E2.

The pond of Mittershiem 35 minutes by car from Romécourt.

This pond is known for its aquatic course and its nautical base.