Saint-Quirin “one of the most beautiful villages in France”

45 minutes by car from Romécourt

Saint-Quirin has obtained the labels of: “the most beautiful villages in France” and “Station verte”. The town is located at the foot of the Donon massif, it has a remarkable heritage with its priory church, its chapels and its Gallo-Roman site.

Around Saint-Quirin:

Sarrebourg Moselle Sud is characterized by these forest landscapes. The state forests of Abreschviller, Walscheid and Saint-Quirin form a massif of 11,500 hectares in one piece, between 300 to 1,000 meters above sea level.

Several valleys: Sarre Blanche, Sarre Rouge, Zorn Jaune, Ruisseau d´Abreschviller and their tributaries descend from the massif. This forest, which is 75% coniferous and 25% deciduous (beech and oak), produces around 75,000 m3 of wood per year. They offer a magnificent playground for hikers.


Map of hikes around Saint-Quirin

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