Lunéville castle

45 minutes by car

The Château de Lunéville, owned by the Dukes of Lorraine since the 13th century, was built for Duke Léopold I 170 between 1703 and 1720 from plans by Pierre Bourdict, Nicolas Dorbay and Germain Boffrand. A masterpiece of 18th century architecture, the “Versailles Lorraine” was listed as a historic monument in 1901 for its chapel and in 1998 in its entirety.

The Château des Lumières is a formidable gateway to the 18th century, Grand Siècle Lorrain. The beauty of its architecture reminds us that it was at the heart of a true flowering of the arts, encouraged by the last Dukes of Lorraine. Faced with a Versailles imposed as a model on the whole continent, the building princes of Lunéville refused the idea of ​​servile copying. Léopold and Stanislas each chose to open up this great project to various influences.

Admission: € 9 adult (€ 5 reduced price)

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