The land of ponds

15 to 35 minutes by car from Romécourt Within the territory, the west is occupied by the land of ponds. It includes 400, making it the largest concentration of large surface ponds in France. These natural or artificial ponds were created in the Middle Ages mainly for fish farming. The sites are particularly popular for […]

Center Parc the three forests at Hattigny

30 minutes by car from Romécourt The Aqua Mundo, a subtropical paradise of more than 5000m² where the water in the lagoons is at 29 ° c all year round will meet all your expectations with: slides for children and adults, a wave pool, a bubble bath, a wild river, fast currents, a children’s pool, […]

Activities near the Château de Romécourt

Halfway between Strasbourg and Nancy, the Château de Romécourt is ideally located for you to discover the north of the Grand Est region. From Romécourt, you will be able to visit both the north of Lorraine and the north of Alsace. You can enjoy the charm of the pond region for a week or more. […]

Lunéville castle

45 minutes by car The Château de Lunéville, owned by the Dukes of Lorraine since the 13th century, was built for Duke Léopold I 170 between 1703 and 1720 from plans by Pierre Bourdict, Nicolas Dorbay and Germain Boffrand. A masterpiece of 18th century architecture, the “Versailles Lorraine” was listed as a historic monument in […]

Summer toboggan run in Arzviller Inclined plane of Saint-Louis

40 minutes by car At the foot of the Saint-Louis-Arzviller inclined plane, the alpine coaster sled, open since 2006, is unique in the region. You will embark in a two-seater sled, the ski lift takes you to the top of the track. Then begins the vertiginous descent on a track nearly 500 m long. Face […]

Abreschviller Forest Railway

35 minutes by car On board this authentic forest steam train, a unique and pleasant journey is offered to nature lovers and leads them to discover the natural riches of the Sarre Rouge valley. At the Grand Soldat Terminal, you can then visit an authentic Sawmill at Haut-Fer as well as a film retracing the […]

The Cordeliers chapel in Sarrebourg

30 minutes by car from Romécourt Through an educational and poetic journey, discover a jewel: the monumental stained-glass window “La Paix” 12 meters high. This exceptional work by Marc Chagall transfigures this 13th century chapelcentury. It was given to the city of Sarrebourg when the Prime Minister and former resistance member Pierre Messmer was mayor. […]

Lock of Réchicourt-le-Château

20 minutes by car from Romécourt The Réchicourt-le-Château lock is an engineering structure built in 1965 on the Marne-Rhine canal. It has a fall height varying between 15 and 16 meters in height. It is possible to get there by bike from Romécourt.

Sainte-Croix animal park

20 minutes by car from Romécourt First of all, the castle of Romécourt and the animal park of Sainte-Croix share a strong link with nature and local roots in Moselle. The Sainte-Croix Animal Park is a French zoological park located in the heart of the Lorraine Regional Natural Park, in Rhodes. Mainly specialized in European […]